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Who I am

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This page is here to give you some information about myself in case you are curious. My name is Stasha Blank – “Avix” is just an alias I use when developing software and games. I’m currently a second year Game Design and Development student at Rochester Institute of Technology.

What I’ve Done (Most Notable Items Only)

  1. I’ve written a script to set up an email server on an Amazon Web Services EC2 Amazon Linux instance. (But you probably know that already, right?)
  2. I’ve published two Android games to the Google Play store, Forest Rush, and Relay Sync.
  3. I’ve worked on a game in C# called “Once A Rogue” (No this wasn’t published, but you can read a bit about it here)

Read my full Resume if you’d like.

What I Like

  • Game Development
  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Software Development
  • Playing Games (Puzzles, RPGs & JRPGs, Simulation, Open World, Adventure, FPS, etc.) –> (Favorite series: Persona)
  • Composing Music (Here is my soundcloud page) –> (I listen to artists such as: Madeon, Zedd, Porter Robinson, and many more)
  • Favorite Food: nachos (so original I know)
  • Youtube and Netflix are cool
  • Anime is pretty chill
  • What else?…

How to Contact Me

Email me at admin@avix.co OR stashablank@gmail.com

Alternate methods of communication may be given upon request.

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