You may call me Avix, and I am the admin / main writer for this blog. (I apologize for the sparse content, I'm working on that!)

This is my first attempt at writing a blog, and as such it is likely that the first few posts that I write will be minimal in quality. Despite that somewhat overwhelming reality, every blogger started somewhere I suppose, so today is as good a day to start as any. For the first few posts that I write, I would like to help you achieve what I have spent almost my entire summer doing; setting up my very own mail server, one that is also capable of hosting a WordPress website like this one. This comprehensive guide will make it so easy to configure a server for yourself, it might not even take you an hour to follow. In addition- the cost of hosting a website like this one is very minimal. If you're willing to pay up front around $30 and then maybe a tenth of a penny per hour of use after your first year of operation, then you can indeed have your very own mail server / website.

So please take the resources that I am going to give you and forget the hours of frustration that would be required to configure everything yourself. You will of course want to customize components to your liking, but before that you will have a very good starting point to work forward from. Good luck, and I'll see you in future updates. Feel free to email me at admin@avix.co if you have any questions. Before you ask though; yes I am still writing the blog posts, so information isn't available yet.

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  1. Stasha,
    thank you again for the email exchange, i am however still unsuccessful. just to preface i have done this setup now 4 times and i am now able to access the server via web but receive only the apache default page”Linux AMI Test Page”. as this is the 4th time i decided to start fresh and clean. created a new vpc removed all key pairs and records from my previous setups and regenerated with a new elastic ip hoping that any previous screw ups on my part would be wiped by this process. i can only access the web portion via the public ip4 on the web so i know there is something wrong in the dns somewhere. hopefully your or anyone here might be able to provide some direction. i am a sys admin at work but alas windows is my domain and have not had much experience in the ways of web servers other than local intranet services. here is a screen cap of dns records http://i.imgur.com/a0npdcd.png

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